Forest park Golubinjak

“Queen of the Forest”, a giant fir tree over 250 years old and 42 metres tall.

Forest parks were created on karst terrain, which is why, in addition to forest vegetation, some of them also feature extremely well-developed and rich karst phenomena. A typical example of this is the forest park Golubinjak, near Lokve.

The spacious green clearing surrounded by tall coniferous trees rising high above the white rocks, take the breath away of almost all those who visit Golubinjak. This small area includes most of the special natural features relevant for the forests of Gorski Kotar, developed in carbonate karst terrain.

The “Cave Trail” measures 10.82 km in length. The trail will lead you on a tour of speleological sites and along interesting and scenic paths and tracks where you can enjoy the numerous karst formations and decorations. Attractions along the trail: Dimnjačarova Cave, Medvjeđa Cave, Lokvarka Cave, Pinora Ponor, Golubinja Cave, Paklena vrata, Ledena Cave, Bunker, Ciganska Cave, Hirčeva Cave, Male Caves, Frankopan caravan route.

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